3D ABBEY road in Bohol a perfect place for selfie gone viral

An iconic Abbey Tajang 3D lane in the Bohol’s Loon town. A local tourist strikes their best pose as they cross the Tajang Pass Causeway.

Ching Relampagos, a volunteer consultant, and an architect, Manuel Maetrado, came up with idea and design to “inject a fresh perspective to make loon attractive to tourist, investors, and other stakeholders”

Relampagos explained on a statement “Loon is not a along the main tourism highway of Bohol. Loon has been badly hit by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake and is still on the recovery mode. Hence, while the LGU’s focus is on rebuilding damaged infrastructure, we cannot just leave tourism initiatives on the sideline.”

She also said that she was inspired by the 3D pedestrian lanes in Iceland and India. “And I thought why not Loon? So I made this ssuggestion to the Loon Tourism Board.”

Along the Tajang Pass causeway, Loon also offers “99 Hugot Lines” where tourist may snap moody photos with their own choice of “hugot”

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