All you need to taste and see at the 33rd Negros Trade Fair this September 2018

If you want to know Negros Island - visit the 33rd Negros Trade Fair that will be held at the Glorietta Activity Center, in Makati this September 26-30, 2018.

This year's event promotes the Negrense culture, craft, heritage, and art. Find the island's best cuisines from the famous Negrense chicken inasal, sweets, and pasalubongs.

Lets take a look for some products that are expected to be present during the event.

First is the Negrense's trade mark were people from all over the country and even those visitors from a far come to have a taste of the famous Bacolod chicken inasal. Aida's Chicken Manokan Country is amongst those who are known to the best version. The juiciness of the chicken will prompt you to ask for some extra rice.

A fresh baked from the oven is what you'd expect from Elsie's Bacolod products. From french bread, garlic bread, pandesal and croissants, each delectable dough will take your bread away!

Craving for something sweets? Find all of these from The Sweet Life, this delicious desserts that does not only favors the pastry's sweetness but also gives importance to the stylishness of the presentation.

For those who are performing a healthy lifestyle, buy the Hawaiian Muscovado sugar which is better alternative to what we commonly use. With the traditional way of extracting sugar, it's able to retain more nutrients.

Find great fashion from accessories, bags and clothes

Negrenses have been earning a living through sugar cane farming. However, silk production is also slowly being popularized. From silkworms to silk yarns to world-class silk products, the Negros Silk Producers Association uses this natural protein fiber to produce hand-woven clothing such as scarves, shawls, and so much more.

Accentuate your outfits with the striking accessories brought to you by Arete. Their uniquely-designed rattan earrings, crocheted earrings, and other statement ear trinkets are 100% handmade in the Philippines and will surely draw out the inner fashionista in you!

Lourdes Valderrama fashion accessories' beautifully crafted beaded jewelry is the kind of belonging that you would like to hand down to the next generations. Created from quality beads and gems found in different parts of the globe, each accessory captures the ingenuity of the founder and creates a classy persona!

Hailing from the Oriental side of the Negros Island, MJD Handcrafted Products have proven how houseware items produced by hand can actually be masterpieces that people would love not just to use but to admire as well. Leather has been the star in their pieces for generations and they have transformed this quality, durable material into beautiful chairs, wine holders, coasters, and so much more.


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