Momoland's Bboom Bboom now a funeral hit music in Pampanga

Manila, Philippines - Ever thought what music you'd want at your funeral? It's a bit that mean something to you or say something about you. And finding the best tune for a loved ones' farewell can be challenging too. 

Today it's more likely to be modern funeral music like a funeral in Masantol, Pampanga that went viral. Momoland's hit song "Bboom Bboom" was used during the funeral. A Facebook user Jry Usi Perez uploaded the video footage of a funeral using the dance music craze of Momoland's hit song"Bboom Bboom".

The video showed the people who attended the funeral were moving to the beat of the viral dance craze. The music was used to cheer up family, friends, and relatives, said Perez.

There's no rule that says happy songs aren't appropriate. In fact, always look on the bright side of life is ever present in polls of modern funeral songs.

A song at a funeral is a lovely way to pay tribute to a dearly loved one. You'll know when you've found the perfect funeral song because it will touch you and instantly remind  you of something from the past.


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