Netizens Lauded Pinoy Nurses Over Emmy's 2018 Hosts Joke!

Filipino nurses in the United States were a side topic during the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards because of the remark of one of its hosts.

The host Michael Che threw a point further home during his opening monologue with co-host Colin Jost by saying some kind of joke to Filipino nurses working in the United States, referring to American TV series ER.

"Things are getting better but as we all know, TV has always had a diversity problem I mean, can you believe they did 15 seasons of ER without one Filipino nurse? Have you been to a hospital?"

It is no secret that there are thousands of Filipino nurses currently working in he United States. Around 20% of the nursing force in California are working for the 4% of the state's population, according to AJ+ last year report.

Then, audience who probably laughed at the joke would come to realized the truth and recognized the efforts of the Filipino nurses in the US.

It was definitely a Filipino pride moment and topping an overwhelming response by netizens all over the world.

"I've literally been telling that joke about Filipino nurses and ER since I auditioned for ER back in 1997," Filipno American actor Erick Esteban posted on Twitter.

"I love the hosts made a joke about not having one Filipino nurse on E.R.! Of course when you think of nurse think of Filipinos!," said Christine

"That Filipino nurse joke in Michael Che and Colin Jost's opening monologue for the #Emmys make me a little more proud of our occupational stereotyp," said deb.

"I've tweete about the lack of Filipino nurses in US medical shows so many times. Glad it finally made it as an Emmy joke. Now please take it seriously now. Hollywood," ABS-CBN correspondent Yong Chavez in a tweet.


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