Chinese Flight Attendant Was Fired Over Boyfriend's Marriage Proposal During Mid-Flight

These mid-flight marriage proposal could be the sweetest moment for a female flight attendant of China Eastern Airlines, but unluckily it wasn't a happily ever after as it was reported that she received a dismissal letter from the airline.

 The incident happened in May when the flight attendant's boyfriend proposing to her on board a plane. "I really didn't know my boyfriend will be proposing to me on this flight, thanks for being my witnesses," she said, according to AsiaOne.

Passengers also took out their smartphones to capture the romantic moment. While everyone was happy for the couple, the flight attendant's employer was not as enthused by her boyfriend's mid-flight proposal. 

Liaoning TV reported on Sept. 10 that the airline fired the woman for alledgely neglecting passenger safety. It stated that the stunt was irresponsible on both their parts and that it jeopardized the safety of the plane's passenger.

Netizens have been divided over the issue, with some saying the airline's reaction was over-the-top but other people told that the couple should not have dragged other people int their private life.


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