Watch: Man Sprayed Perfume To Another Man's Armpit Inside the Elevator

What will you do if you are in the middle of a group of people like elevator, then you smell something bad? It's very annoying right?  Just  imagine yourself stuck together with other people in a limited space, limited air exit then suddenly there's somebody who's bringing some poisonous smell. The feeling that you would like to open the elevator on that very moment just to survived.

Just like this viral video uploaded by Intrometido in Facebook. In the video could be seen a man talking in his mobile with his armpit open. And on that very moment one passenger couldn't help but to spray some kind of perfume directly to the man's armpit.

 The reason why the fellow passenger sprayed the man's armpit was unknown but obviously the reason is, he want to survived! Then as a response he chocked the man's neck who sprayed his armpit.

What would you do if you will experience that moment?


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