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Google doodles celebrates Mooncake Festival

Google joins in the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival of East Asian countries, featuring bunnies, mooncake and lanterns.

"Today, many east Asian nations celebrite Mid-Autumn Festivals, timed with the harvest moon-including China, Taiwan,Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. This shared holiday is generally a day off work for the whole country, and jumps around on the Roman calendar because it's based on the lunar one," says Google in its Doodle Archive page.

The Mid-Autumn Festival occur on the first full moon after the Fall equinox. The position of the moon is important for rice farming, and mid-Autumn festivals are linked this way to agriculture.

All Mid-Autumn Festivals involve food, and most include some form of mooncakes. Chinese and Vietnamese moon cakes are baked and branded with characters; Korean mooncakes are made from rice flour and steamed over pine needles; Japanese mooncakes are spherical, like little moons.

Moreover, "In general these Mid-Autumn Festivals are about families getting together to express gratitude, and celebrates seasonal change. They often stretch to three days, incorporating the days before and after, and rank among the biggest holidays of the year," said Google.


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