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Quezon City chicken joint is now accepting peppers 'SILI' as payment for best selling wings

You can choose to pay cash or "Sili' in this food park in Quezon City, Yes! you read it right. Wings Gone Wild at Uno Cinquenta Food Park posted a promo in their official Facebook page, as they start  accepting half kgs. of 'SILI' as payment in exchange of one and a half pounds of their best selling wings.

"We use sili as one of our ingredients in making our signature buffalo style sauce. Try our Insane Buffalo Wings and you'll know what we mean," written in their post.

Today, inflation made us scratching our heads over the prices of goods and services. The cost of the local chilli had increase and imported ingredients have also become much more expensive as peso weakens.

In effect, business sectors like restaurants had been raised prices up to 12 per cent, but nothing beyond the limit so that customers will keep in going back.

But sometimes this kind of offer was not taken seriously by netizens and here are some of their silly 'sili' reactions.


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