Korina Sanchez revealed his male "Kasambahay" preparing underwear for her travel

The prominent broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez shared a screen grab photo of her male kasambahay who celebrated his birthday recently.

                                               Photo from: Korina Sanchez Instagram

 Korina revealed her deep relationship with her kasambahay Ronila Baya.

" I met Ronilo only when I started dating Mar. Ronilo is Mar's trusted helper at home. Haved you noticed? All our helpers are male male. Eh paano, ang tagal na binata nitong si husband. Hinintay talaga ako, hahaha! So minana ko nalang ang house staff niya," the broadcaster shared.  

At first, Ronilo was wary on her but, after 15 years of being together she described her relationship to Ronilo as her partner in crime. Well, that is not only the interesting part, she even revealed that Ronilo prepares for her underwear for whenever she travel.

Korina was very thankful for her male kasambahay, "I cannot imagine life at home now without Ronilo," she wrote.


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