Passenger was overjoyed listening to the singing Taxi driver in Iloilo City

It' s a beautiful day to the passenger of this singing taxi driver in Iloilo city who enjoyed much to her ride. Cheng Magallanes shared a video of the mystery taxi driver in Iloilo city who had a golden voice.

One fine day when she ride a taxi, on her way going to her destination she thought she was listening to the radio. In the video could be heard a very powerful voice of a man singing a ballad song and he learned that it was the driver who's singing.

According to Cheng she was entertained by voice of the taxi driver who sang together with the music coming from a stereo. She thought that was the original music from the radio, she  described in her Facebook post.

"Abi ko gani radyo ang gatunog kay gali si manong live nga ga kanta. Kabilog sang iya boses with feelings pa. Nalingaw man ko pamati sa iya asta nag lapaw kami. lol! Kung gusto mo ma entertain while traffic, sakay lang sa “singing taxi driver of Iloilo City,”Cheng written in her Facebook post.

The taxi is a white Avanza with plate number FWV 427.


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