Viral: Doctors and Staff in one of the Hospital in US Pray Everyday For Patients

One of the hospital in the U.S. is really amazing, a video was shared in a Facebook page could be seen all the employees, doctors,nurses,cleaners and security, gathered together everyday for a prayer dedicated for their patients, families and co-workers.

These people shared their christian faith that focuses not only by there clinical skills but also teaching about spiritual care.

Even that they are in a medical profession still they acknowledge God as the great healer. This is an amazing selfless act of love, faith, trust and kindness.

Prayer is a common practice in the United States. The Barna Group, which has been conducting an annual tracking survey of religious behaviour in the United States for over two decades, repoted that 77% of respondents prayed to God during the past week in 1999, and 83% did so in 2004. Then in 2011 Barna reported again that 80% or 4 out of five Americans pray during a typical week.


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