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South Korean parents are hiring Scary Uncle for $450 a day to protect kids from bullies at school

Now a days bullies everywhere is uncontrollable. In South Korea, parents are hiring intimidating "uncles" as effective way to deal with school bullying.

Providers of the so-called "Uncle Service" allows clients to rent uncles who will be tasked to protect childrens from school bullying in a number of ways.

This service comes in three packages that provide different types of favors. The packages are:

1. The "Uncle Package"

The uncle from this package are usually big and intimidating men who are in their 30s to 40s. They are required to give stern warnings to the bullies and accompany the students to and from school.

Price per day: 500,000 KRW (approx: USD 450)

2. The "Evidence Package"

The uncle must do some investigative work and retrieves evidence of bullying by filming with cameras. The collected evidence is then brought to the school administration's attention, along with a message stating: I' ll submit an official complaint to the school board if you gys do not properly investigate the case. We want a clear resolution.

Price per day: 400,000 KRW (approx: USD 354)

3. The "Chaperone Package"

If everything fails, the Chaperone Package is the final strike, literally.

These uncles will visit the bullies' parents working place and protest in front of their office building whilst chanting: "A parent of a bully works here." They will do this protest for up to four visits.

Price per day: 2 million KRW (approx. $1,772).

Hopefully, these bullying problem would be solved in proper communication with both parties which has been a persistent problem among teens in South Korea in recent years.

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