Viral Drunk Man In Highway "Boy Amok" Chased By Group Of Philippine Soldiers Surrendered

This drunk man in a viral video that went wild in the middle of the highway in Nueva Ecija, finally surrendered to authorities.

In the Photo shared by Ranie Chuidian, it could be seen a man and his partner in front of the police investigator. The man voluntarily surrendered to the Philippine National Police San Leonardo, according to the source of the video Ranie Chuidian.

It can be recalled the man in a viral video was chased by a group of soldiers after he bravely blocked the highway and challenge everyone for a duel. Drunk man quickly fled the highway after realizing a military truck in front of him.

Report said that scout rangers regiment based at camp Tecson in San Miguel Bulacan chased Boy Amok.

Undoubtedly, this man realized that what he does is a great mistake ever. The man apparently faced charges of public misconduct that caused inconvenient to motorists.

 As of the posting, the video received over 4M views with 652 comments and 28K shares.


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