Baron Geisler is Back by Sharing God's Gospel

Once tagged as the most cruel person in showbiz industry, now Baron Geisler is back taking the attention of social media users, about his photo that circulated online showing him standing in front of students sharing and preaching God's gospel. 

Seemingly the actor is going back to the right path, professing in front of the students and faculty of Sulop National High School his unimaginably sinful and dangerous past.

"Kilala mo ba sya? Sya lang nman si BARON GEISLER. Yung nakilala mong adik na artista. Pero ngayon nandito sa Salup National High School, sharing the Gospel OF GOD. Akala ko di na sya mag babago sa pinag gagawa nya noon. BUT with GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.I'm blessed with his testimony,"The Facebook post Ellen Ers Siarot Ternio post.

Over the years the Filipino actor Baron Geisler had a very troubled life. He suffered from tremendous ups and down, his successful career during his young years has suddenly gone. But now he is reaching the peak of his life, once he was lost his direction, now he started knowing God and engaged  in ministry.


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