Look: Rhian Ramos Instagram Photo will surely heat you up this cold season

December is fast approaching and summer has not yet end as Rhian Ramos newest Instagram Photo will heat you up this cold season.

Rhian spiced up the cold season with herself laying on the water while enjoying the sea water having nothing on her top.

Rhian Ramos is a Filipino actress, commercial model and singer. She is known for roles on many GMA Network series like Captain Barbell, Lupin, Sine Novela.

Rumors had surface that the actress has received an offer from ABS-CBN, but later clarified saying, ABS has never offered her anything before. "I have a station that supports my dreams which is GMA, and they're very understanding towards me with all of the things that I want to achieve," she said.

The actress was invited to guest in ABS-CBN shows. Her upcoming project with ABS-CBN movie "Tres" starring the Revilla brothers.


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