'Bongga,''Trapo,' new Filipino words found in Oxford English Dictionary

More Filipino words you can find in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). As the election season starts, OED include one of the most popular word in politics.

"Trapo" - is a politician perceived as belonging to a conventional and corrupt ruling class, Oxford said in a statement.

"Kilig" - Noun; exhilaration or elation caused by an exciting or romantic experience.

"Bongga" - extravagant, flamboyant, impressive, stylish, or excellent.

"Suki" - a buyer or seller involved in an arrangement whereby a customer regularly purchases products or services from the same provider in exchange for favorable treatment.

"Tabo" - a dipper used to scoop up water from a pail or bucket while washing, traditionally made of coconut shell or bamboo but now more commonly made of plastic.

"Bahala Na"- expressing an attitude of optimistic acceptance or fatalistic resignation.

"Kikay" - a flirting girl or woman, a girl or woman interested in beauty products and fashion.

"Barkada" - a group of friends.

Other Filipino words to make it this year are mostly culinary like bagoong, bihon, calamansi, carinderia, sorbetes, and turon.

"Bagoong" - is a sauce or paste made from fermented or salted fish, used as a condiment.

"Bihon" - a long, thin noodles made with rice flour, or a dish made with these noodles.

"Sorbetes" - instead of Filipino definition as "dirty ice cream," has been narrowed to ice cream especially made from coconut milk.

The Oxford English Dictionary is one of the oldest repository of English words in the world and is celebrating the 90th anniversary of its first edition this year.


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