China's President Xi remained humble in his less than 5-second speech in the Opening of $20B World's Longest Bridge in China

China has opened the World's Longest Sea Bridge, a 20 times longer than the Golden Gate Bridge but people was surprised not on the world's title but from their president's inaugural speech.

          Image via YouTube/ New China TV

Nine years in the making and a $20 billion world's longest bridge has a total distance of 34-mile (55-kms) connecting the territories of Hong Kong, Macao and the city of Zhuhai in Mainland China's Guangdong province officially opened on Tuesday.

But people was surprised on a less than 5-second opening speech, "I declare the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge officially open," Xi said, then it was followed by a digital fireworks seen on screen behind him at the indoor ceremony.

 As such, observer believe that Xi is maintaining his humbleness despite of the countries development and growing economy.

Meanwhile, the multi billion dollar bridge is a greater help linking the nine southern mainland cities to HongKong and Macau as part of the development of the Greater Bay Area to create an economic hub.

The construction of the structure has began in 2009 and built with 420,000 tons of steel that could stand to winds speed of up to 211 miles per hour and is expected to last for more than a century.


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