Miss Asia Pacific Int'l 2018 Sharifa Akeel unveils simple life as a beauty queen

If you think beauty pageant is just for sexy, pretty and rich people, well, I'm reminding you that it's not about the way you think. Miss Asia Pacific international 2018 Sharifa Akeel was praised to her humble beginnings. The photos of the crowned Miss Asia Pacific Internal 2018 had surfaced online showing her simple life in sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao.

The 21-year-old Muslim school teacher has lived a simple life in her hometown together with her family. As seen in the photos, their modest house.  Her days are spent helping her mother to run their small store and sold snacks for students.

Akeel surprised her grand mom with simple present during  her homecoming in Sultan Kudarat. 

It can be recalled that Akeel had experienced bully from her fellow muslims for joining the pageant because of traditional beliefs. However, the beauty queen continued to her journey and finally all her labors had been paid-off after winning the glamorous event.

When asked during the Q&A portion on the 50th Miss Asia Pasific International, "What do you think is the biggest issue of diversity that the world is facing today and how do you think you can play a part to resolve it?"

"We have to accept the fact that all of us were born with strength and weaknesses and with that, we have our own imperfections.

"Let's appreciate one uniqueness and relevance and, as a millennial, I believe the millennial policy of compassion, idealism, striving for uniqueness and authenticity because you are a beautiful creation of God no matter who you are and wherever you are in the world.

"Beauty is indeed diverse and it is visible to all of us." Akeel answered.


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