Clara Sosa of Paraguay faints on stage after being declared Miss Grand Int'l 2018

Clara Sosa of Paraguay was crowned Miss Grand International 2018 held in Myanmar. But, it was all a memorable event for Sosa when she appeared to have collapsed and hit the ground. Thanks to Miss India Meenakshi Chaudhary, who was named first runner-up which somehow catch her and reduced the impact.

A number of people were then seen approached her for aid. Sosa then able to manage her first walk as the winner after she gained energy and consciousness

She won after saying that she will visit US President Donald Trump and ask him to be "an example of peace, love, and tolerance," her answer to the question, how she would promote the pageant's advocacy of ending war and violence.

Special Awards:

Best Swimsuit - Miss Grand Cuba Gladys Carredeguas

Miss Popular Vote - Miss Grand Vietnam Nga Phuong Bui

Best National Costume - Miss Grand Peru Andrea Moberg

Best Social Media - Miss Grand Indonesia Nadia Purwoko

Best Evening Gown - Miss Grand Thailand Moss Namoey Chanaphan


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