Kyla Fajardo is a Pinay LA Clippers Spirit dancer from Bulacan

This beauty from Bulacan is now making rounds online. Well, maybe you might wondering why? Meet Kyla Fajardo from Malolos, Bulacan and now a member of the Clipper' dance squad, the Clippers Spirit.

Her beauty has eternally charmed the crowd every time she was performing. The 18-year-old nursing student really loves dancing performing in front of almost thousands strong crowd  of the Staples Center.

She started dancing since middle school through high school. Now, her hardwork has been paid-off when she enters the lucky 20 of the strongest LA Lakers Spirit dancers.

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Fajardo loves to eat Filipino dish like pinakbet which her mom would always make it for her, Kare-Kare and  his dad's favorite soup Bulalo, she told

All eyes are now to this young pinay not only in her talent on the basketball court, but also possesses a super woman attitude. Aside from being an LA Clipper's dancer she also doing part-time in modeling at the same time a student.

When asked about "what's the best part of being a Spirit Dancer?" Kayla answered, "The best part is having the bond with all girls after going through everything just to make it to the team.


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