Hackers accessed phone numbers, emails of 30 million Facebook users worldwide

Around 30 million Facebook users personal details have been accessed by hackers over the weekend, the biggest security breach in Facebook history. The attackers accessed phone numbers, emails, locations, relationship status, religion, date of birth, gender and other part of the users history.

Facebook are now doing some precautionary measures to avoid the extent of the problem. Facebook said it will send a message to the 30 million users affected in the coming days and will be posting information to its help center.


To find out if you are among the 30 million people affected by the breach, you can click here to go to the Facebook help center. You need to be logged into Facebook. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find details about your account in a blue box titled,"Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?"

Then if you're among those among affected by the Facebook hack this is what you will see when you go to this link to check if your account was breached (you need to be logged into Facebook for this to work).


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