Saicy Aguila seek the help of Raffy Tulfo to acquire her Real Estate property Title from developer

The dream of home ownership remains one of the most important goals for many people. Owning one's home or business is a source of pride and security, and provides an opportunity for financial growth. Unfortunately, this dreams still hanged-up to Saicy Aguila for his condominium unit were she payed four years ago but until now the property developer  New San Jose Builders Inc. still hasn't transfer the property title.

However, Tulfo's co-host NiƱa Taduran had encountered the same problem of the property she acquired to the same developer. Tulfo revealed that their program has received numerous complaints in the past concerning this developer which according to him is actually owned by the former government official who is close to the former President.

"Di ba ang may ari nito si Ochoa, former executive secretary,bata sarado ni P-noy!" Tulfo said.

"This developer seems "untouchable" because of their very close connection with the incumbent President," He added.

"Ang dami reklamo dito. Noong panahon, walang makapalag kasi alam naman natin dilaw na dilaw 'to, hindi ka pwedeng maka-porma!" he added.

Tulfo ontacted Atty. Marino Torres of Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) National Capital Region (NCR) who advised the complainants to visit their office and file a formal complaint so they can immediately call the attention of the developer.

Tulfo assured to take action on Saicy's problem and gave a warning to the developer.


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