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Thai girls perform sexy dance at their friends funeral goes viral

Sending off someone to its final place is very difficult to accept. But, this four Thai girls dancing provocatively to upbeat EDM music at their friend's funeral has gone viral over the week.

Four girls performed at their friend's funeral in a pimped out SUV with lights and speakers that will shake out rigor mortis of the deceased while dancing like nobody them.sees

The girls danced at the altar of the temple were their friend's body was in. Is was not a surprise when the song and dance performance drew large crowd. The video had hit online and went viral with over 800K views and still continue to further spreading their friend's name.

Sanook reported reactions from Thai people saying it was "inappropriate" while others enjoyed. Others claimed that it seems that the dancers looked like rejoicing about what happened to their friend.

It was reported that the girls are in tears while performing their farewell dance in front of the crematorium before the body was cremated.


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