Thailand tourists face 10 Years Prison after vandalizing 800-year-old Wall

A British and Canadian tourists in Thailand are facing up to 10 years in prison if found guilty, after vandalizing the oldest wall with spray-paint.

Furlong Lee (British) and Britney Schneider (Canadian), both 23, were arrested in their guest house in Chiang Mai on Friday.

Closed-circuit television footage shows two of four people approaching and spray-painting the historic Tha Phae main entrance Gate about 4a.m on Thursday.

Furlong, who came from the U.K., wrote "Scouser Lee," referring to a person in his Liverpool hometown which later admitted to the crime, reuters reported.

Authorities who found the empty spray can in the place said that the two showed signs of intoxication during the graffiti.

           The two was presented in front of the media

Aside form the 10-year prison term, the two might be forced to pay one million baht ($30,670) as fines. Following their arrest, they were also presented to the media for a reenactment of the crime, THAI PBS reported. 

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