China's most beautiful criminal being hunted by authorities

China's most beautiful criminal is wanted to the police after she was allegedly accused of being part of a criminal group activities that scammed money out of customers in bars and establishments in the city of Mianyang, in Sichuan province. 

 Qingchen Jingjing, 19, and seven alleged members of the gang were hunted by authorities after  a man complained of being scammed out of thousands of yuan at a bar. Police identified the group that had been operating for at least six months, targeting drunk customers.

Two gang members out of seven have been surrendered however Qingchen, whose mugshot was released last week remains at large. After her mugshot went viral online, more information was dug up as people who know her commented.

A former schoolmate told Beijing News that she was a class beauty who gained popularity with boys. Others described her as friendly and cheerful, though struggled in her academics.

Mianyang police posted a message on Weibo on November 25, "Having good looks is not your fault, but using your good looks to break the law is not right."

"Beauty can't be used as an excuse to escape the law," another online post by authorities to remind the public.

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