Filipino wins grand prize for designing low-cost house that can be built within four hours

The Ateneo de Manila University, Engr. Earl Patrick Forlales earned praised in the international competition were his entry bested numerous entry in the world.


The 23-year-old engineer from Manila took home the prize of £50,000 or more than P3.3 million for his low-cost and eco-friendly house design which can be built in just 4 hours.

His "CUBO" design is typically made out of bamboo which can be manufactured in a week but could be assembled in just 4 hours with affordable cost around P3,3000.

CUBO is a modular housing solution that uses locally sourced and abundant bamboo.

"It's a functional home on its own, but it's more than just a house," Forlales told BBC World.

Forlales was inspired by his grandparents rural bamboo house however his bamboo could be last longer 10-times lifecycle than any ordinary bamboo. The bamboos that he will be using to his design will be treated and laminated to preserved its durability and will last longer.

CUBO is eco-friendly as it releases 35% more oxygen than trees and grows easily in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

"CUBO started as nothing more than an idea, conceived while spending time at my grandparent's house - it is incredible to think that it now will become a reality," Forlales said.

Source: Facebook

Forlales would start his project in Manila as his first prototype model which aims to build 10,000 units by 2023.

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