Floating pastor from Southaven's Brown Missionary Baptist Church gone viral

The pastor from Southaven brown missionary church has his own creativity  on how his church goers could imagine the second coming. The video was posted on Facebook by a certain ZaKnedria LeUnshae Webb showing Pastor Orr demonstrated how supposedly see Jesus Christ in his second coming. The pastor could be seen hoisted up in the air which churchgoers watched on him.

"I says when that day is going to come, when the sky gets cracked and Jesus Christ comes again and every eye will see him when he come again," Orr can be heard while levitating into the air. 

"So here's our question for you this morning, brothers and sisters... are you ready? Are you ready for his return? Amen, amen," as he continued.

The video had gone viral and people reacted the way the pastor did his aerobatic stunts on Sunday.

It’s simple greed. I wonder how many people seated that morning had trouble paying a bill but still gave their tithe to “God” , The church, only for him to be suspended in the air for no reason other than his pride and joy

— Lovinglife (@whatizlife97) November 25, 2018

One netizen also questioned why the pastor had to do such, when he’s not God. “Why would he do that he’s not God?” said one Cleotha Saddler. “God is the only man to fly out of the sky!!! That’s not cute to me.”

What are you even talking about? How does one FOCUS on anything else but the man suspended in air via cable? That's the whole point. It is a shell game. It's a distraction from what he should be speaking about. Which is LOVE. Jesus' primary focus. Go on.... pic.twitter.com/Ai4UyDXDIk

— ms doniro (@msdoniro) November 25, 2018

However, here comes the parishioners to defend their pastor on the online buzz:

“My pastor is the best pastor hands down…” said Webb. “Pastor Orr did not say he was God nor Jesus. If y’all listen to him and got the word, he was simply demonstrating how when Jesus returns every eye will see him.” JB

"The high-flying stunt was born from a mix of simple curiosity and a desire to deliver Sunday's gospel message in an innovative way - or how to be a "digital desciple," Orr said in commercialappeal.


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