Karina and Seth PBB Otso painting challenge saves them from eviction

             Photo/ PBBOtsoYoutube

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso continued to surprise all housemates by its weekly challenge. The weekly tasked would test the creativity and the connections of every pair to the challenge.

 Recently, a painting challenged that Karina Bautista and Seth Fedelin did impressed judges, as they create an imperfect performance but full of romantic excitement. Karina and Seth performed an interpretative art dance routine in Moira dela Torre's song "Tagpuan."

The panel of judges are former housemates Dawn Chang and Zeus Arellano, were convinced the genuine chemistry of the two. Their performance exempt them from eviction and save them for at least a week.

However, their win doesn't exempt six housemates from eviction who had gone trouble from their partners. 


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