Maymay Entrata the first-ever celebrity to walk for the Arab Fashion Week 2018

The former Pinoy Big Brother winner dubbed as 'Miss Wacky-Go-Lucky' of Cagayan De Oro is now officially part of the Arab Fashion Week 2018. She would be the first celebrity to walk the famous event were she will be going to showcase world's highest-profile designer's fashion collections.

Amato Couture founder Furne One Amato and fashion PR Josh Yugen made the announcement YouTube. Amato personally announced that Maymay Entrata will be part of the lineup of models to walk on this year's Arab Fashion Week.

The event will marked the 25th anniversary of Furne One, will open the prestigious fashion show on November 20, 2018 at Amato Couture Atelier, Dubai Design District.


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