After slashing the neck, depressed mom drink blood of her own 8-month old baby

The 28-year old mom kills her 8-month old baby by slashing the neck in Barotac Viejo, Iloilo . Barotac Nuevo Police Chief Insp. Joven Arevalo said that the mother used a trowel to kill the baby, report from Bombo Radyo.

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Before the incident happened, the father told the police that he had a fight with his wife. Then after a day he noticed that his wife behaves awkwardly for the unknown reason.

One day the father was on the farm when his four-year old kid told him that  his wife will borrow a trowel that he was using in harvesting vegetables.

When the father went home from the farm, he saw his lifeless baby filled with blood with a cut in the neck. He even saw his wife standing in front of the baby with blood on her mouth and dress.

Authorities believed that the mother drink the blood of her own baby.

Now the woman was detained at Barotac Nuevo police station.

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