Be in love to the world's shortest couple "Size Doesn't Matter"

This Brazilian couple proves that size doesn't matter in the name of love. Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros, 31-year-old (34.8in) and Katyucia Hoshino, 28-year-old (35.2in) are the world's shortest couple.

            Photo grab from Facebook page

The couple has put no limits on their lifestyle, Katyucia owns a beauty salon, obviously adapted for her height. The two first met on a social media and started chatting.

However, at first the attraction doesn't match as Katyucia initially blocked Paulo.

"The first time I started talking to Paulo, he was really annoying. He had cheap-pick up lines," she said.
Paulo said: "She thought I was trying to flirt but I was just being nice.

"According to her I was a really boring guy."

Paulo said: "Respect wasn't conquered from one day to another. respect was conquered through a lot of hard work." 

He taught that it was the end, after a year-and-a-half Katyucia decided to unblock him and they started all over again in social media world and their friendship starts getting stronger.

After eight-year of being in relationship, the couple got married with the wedding gift they've waited for years, they was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's shortest married couple.


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