Bojo River Cruise in Aloguinsan Cebu is a new spot for adventure

The Earth is a wellspring of amazing places and fascinating natural wonders. People travels to witness those. Beautiful sea, lofty trees, fabulous views, exciting rides and adventures are just some of the reasons why people loves to do it. 

         photo/ chyzyzs Instagram

You’ve been to some other places and explore their beautiful spots. But, have you been to a place where you can swim in the river and ride in the boat that is closer to the opening of the sea? Then, you must visit Bojo River in Aloguinsan, Cebu.

 For sure you’ve been to some rivers like this that is closer to the sea. But, Bojo River makes your adrenaline surge. This place is a perfect place too for those who seek an amazing Eco-venture. You will always leave a question in your mind, how God created such a wonderful nature like this.

How To Get There?

From Cebu City
From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, ride in a bus or van bound to Aloguinsan.
From Bacolod City/San Carlos City Negros Occidental
Ride in a bus bound to San Carlos City.
Roro/fast craft ride from San Carlos City to Toledo City, then;
From Toledo City (or if you are from this city)
Hire a multicab (if in group, it’s cheaper). I recommend Manong Toting─ 09276477087, or;
Hire a habal─ habal that will directly bring you to the spot, or;
Ride in public utility jeepney bound to Aloguinsan (much cheaper but you have to wait for other passengers),
From Aloguinsan Terminal
Hire a habal─ habal (single motorcycle) that will take you to the jump─ off point (less than 10 minutes travel

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