Kris Aquino's camp warned TV stations for airing side of Falcis brothers

Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP.Ph) reported that they received a copy from a source that TV5 and other broadcasting stations is receiving letter from Divina Law about the controversial case between the Queen of all media and Falcis brothers.

The Divina Law is the law firm handling legal matters for Kris Aquino. However,  Falcis brothers are both facing separate cases filed by Kris were Nicko was charged with 44 counts of qualified theft in October 2018 while his brother Jesus was sued for 9 counts of cyber libel in November 2018.

The letter was send to the stations dated 8th January, 2019:

“We understand that Mr. Nicardo M. Falcis II (Nicko) and his brother Atty. Jesus Nicardo M. Falcis III (Jess) are approaching various television and radio stations trying to arrange for interviews and/or guest appearances on shows with a clear intent of maligning, humiliating and destroying the reputation of our client through defamatory statements, malicious innuendos and unfounded accusations.

“While we recognize your constitutional right to free speech, free expression and press freedom, we reiterate that Libel is not protected speech.

“Thus, we caution you from airing or broadcasting these interviews without verifying the allegations or securing the side/explanation of our client.

"Every defamatory imputation is presumed malicious (Article 354, Revised Penal Code).

“Liability for defamatory statements published by radio or television may be had from the owner of the station, a licensee, the operator of the station, or a person who procures, or participates in, the making or caused the broadcast or publication of the defamatory statements.”

However, Jesus Falcis slams Kris Aquino's camp for intimidating the media through a Facebook post titled "WHO CROWNED KRIS AQUINO AS QUEEN?"

In his post he said that we lived in a democratic country and not a monarchy. Saying that what's Aquino's camp is doing is a form of intimidation to prevent the media from airing their side. 

Describing Kris as "an oligarchic spoiled brat, throwing a tantrum because she can't get her way," he wrote.

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