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Berbeza Bistro is offering Southeast Asian flavors sprinkled with Cadena de Amor flowers

Bacolod, City - Request to venture along 20th Lacson street and try some South East Asian flavors. Berbeza Bistro has a lot of good food to offer with a unique Southeast Asian dishes to choose. The interior is simple with an urban style, illuminated with bamboo styled lighting covers, perfect to a distinct Asian look.

 Photo from Berbeza Bistro FB

If your looking for a diverse and impeccable flavors from the Southeast Asian region whether your cravings fall for 'kinilaw,''Laksa,''Beef Tataki,' and some others food choice are available here.

The most recommended food that the bistro is offering is the Laksa - a soft boiled egg, squid and noodles with more green veggies on top served in big bowl.

The yummy soup is made from coconut milk and curry, perfect to noodles with spicy chili flavor.

And maybe you'll get curious about the pink flowers sprinkled over the dish, don't worry, it was the flower of Cadena de Amor.

Cadena-de-amor is edible with climbing, somewhat woody, perennial vine with stems. In Thailand, they used to cook leaves and flowers coated with flour and served with noodles.

Some isolated report in Ifugao Sierra Madre, the leaves are used to reduce swelling, tea leaves used for diabetes and blossoms used for high blood pressure.

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