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Dr. Victoria Bateman strips off during live interview with Humphry over Brexit issue

Dr. Victoria Bateman, an economics professor at Cambridge University was invited in BBC's Radio 4's live interview to discuss about UK's withdrawal from the EU. At first she sat down for the interview wearing a coat but by surprise she stripped off in front of Mr Humphrys, the presenter.

"I've brought my message to the studio today as you can see written across my body: Brexit leaves Britain n*ked."

But it seems John Humphrys was interested in what was on his computer monitor rather than the studio guest by responding, "Yes, and you are now n*ked as we speak".

Dr. Bateman during her interview said that she is bringing three important messages. First is that "Brexit leaves Britain's economy exposed," second is that "Brexit has served to reveal some anti-immigration sentiments of a kind that we should be very much worried about in our society," and lastly, "Brexit exposes past government failures that have left many people feeling they have nothing to lose from Brexit because they have nothing at all".

She decided to talk about Brexit with nothing on to demonstrate that leaving the EU is the "emperor's new clothes," she said when asked why she feel the need to take her clothes off to deliver the message.

"I have myself written thousands of words looking at why Brexit is bad for Britain, but I thought it would be useful to reduce all of those words down, condense all of those words down to one powerful message: Brexit is the emperor's new clothes - that Britain has sold itself a project that cannot possibly deliver on what it promised."

When asked whether she is simply an "exhibitionist," she said that was comfortable with her own body, "I view women's bodies as one of the big battlegrounds that we face today". 

The professor has challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg to a naked debate after stripping off during a live interview with John Humphry.

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