Filipina model apologizes after getting shamed her choice of outfit in Singapore

Ms. Ashley Garcia, who was a freelance model in the Philippines has identified herself a woman wearing a skimpy outfit waiting for her line in an automated teller machine (ATM) at Singapore's MRT station, has cleared herself saying "Indecent exposure not my intention," she told Stomp.

         Photo From: FB Post

The eye-catching attire that was posted on social media went viral and become the local media publications headline in Singapore. Garcia then responded to all the bashers by sending her views through Stomp: 

"I was not aware that somebody took a photo of me (I don't personally know his purpose).

" I apologise if I have offended any culture with this outfit,but,please understand that I did not have any obscene or malicious intention by wearing it. I am sorry if you think that this was indecent exposure'but it was not my intention.

"To those people who are already hitting me below the belt and criticising me, I respect you. You are already telling things which are too personal and that is already outside of what you see in the picture."

She clarified that she had been wearing shorts and nipple tape at the time. 

Source: Stomp

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