Pinay model in skimpy outfit while queueing for ATM drew backlash

A Pinay model that was seen queueing for an automated teller machine at Somerset MRT station in Singapore, wearing pink skimpy outfit instantly become internet sensation.

Three photos of the woman went viral after being uploaded onto social media on Saturday (Feb.9).

The woman was clad in a thin pink-coloured top and a pair of sandals. She did not mind people around that she was drawing stares from a kind of choice outfit in public.

According to Wanbao, the woman's tank top had a low neckline that put her in danger of a wardrobe malfunction, especially since she was not wearing a bra.

Netizens were quick to criticize the woman and her dressing.

A user known as Ms Chen said: "This is not fashionable (潮流), this is obscene (下流)."

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