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Catriona Gray, Clint Bondad scandal?

Catriona Gray is the recent celebrity rumored to have a video scandal that is circulating online with her ex boyfriend Clint Bondad. However, in the other video in YouTube fans has defended the Queen, citing all the details in the alleged video wasn't true.

YouTube video compares Gray and the girl with a mole in the neck, revealing it wasn't the Queen and the girl even doesn't speak English. 

One netizen said "Yup! Its not her. Im 100% sure. Ive seen the video , i tried to pause it until i saw the face of the girl and it wasnt catriona. This is an insult."

"the girl in the video is not catriona…the non english word that the girl spoke in the video was spanish.. ‘Si’ which in english means “Yes’ so stop with the nonsense already…." 

Gray hinted the speculations that she and her boyfriend Clint Bondad was on an alleged "cool off" since December when she was asked to choose between love and crown.
Later, Gray and Bondad had announced their friendly breakup to focus on their individual priorities. 

"So, I'm really focused on my Miss Universe journey, on being the best global representative that I can be, and also being a representative for the Philippines through and through," Gray said.

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