Netizen slam GSW's Filipino Heritage Night event for using PH flag as barbers cape

Netizen slam organizers of the event of the 10th-year Filipino Heritage Night in San Francisco, California. Following to a winning moment of Golden State Warriors (GSW) against the visiting Phoenix Suns.

It was the 10th year of the Golden State Warriors Filipino Heritage Night presented by Tanduay Rum, were they launched a "Sharp Sunday Line-Up".

Barbers from the National Filipino Barbers Association (NFBA)  participated the event that offers a free haircuts to mostly Filipino Warriors fans at the Oracle arena plaza area. It was one of the main features before the game starts, however, these was criticized when the video that surface shows a barber's cape that was designed similar to the Philippine flag.

@Harper: I appreciate the patriotism but I'm not a big fan of using the flag as a barber's cape.

According to the Republic Act No. 8491, SECTION 34. It shall be prohibited

a. To mutilate, deface, defile, trample, on or cast contempt any act or omission casting dishonor or ridicule upon the flag over its surface;

b. To dip the flag to any person or object by way of compliment or salute;

c. To use the flag:

1. As a drapery, festoon, tablecloth

2. As covering for ceilings, walls, statues or other objects;

3. As a pennant in the hood, side, back and top of motor vehicles;

4. As a staff or whip;

5. For unveiling monuments or statues; and

6. As trademarks or for industrial, commercial or agricultural labels or designs.

d. Display the flag:

1. Under any painting or picture;

2. Horizontally face-up. It shall always be hoisted aloft and be allowed to fall freely;

3. Below any platform; or

4. In discotheques, cockpits, night and day clubs, casinos, gambling joints and places of vice or where frivolity prevails.

e. To wear the flag in whole or in part as a costume or uniform;

f. To add any word, figure, mark, picture, design, drawings, advertisements, or imprint of any nature on the flag;

g. To print, paint or attach representation of the flag on handkerchiefs, napkins, cushions, and other articles of merchandise;

h. To display in public any foreign flag, except in embassies and other diplomatic establishments, and in offices of international organizations.

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