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#trashtagchallenge: Filipinos takes part environmental clean-up

These challenge is worth recommended! The challenge has one single rule to be follow, simply clean polluted areas and post before and after shots of the place.

A new hashtag was first popular among environmentalists and now spreading across the world posting pictures of achievements for the environment. People are now accepting the challenge showing the first picture with the place strewn with garbage and the second picture showing the clean and neat surrounding.

The clean-up challenge has become so popular and counting. And guess what? Filipino is part of it, too!

After a massive clean-up drive effort in Manila Bay recently, people started to recognize Before and After situation of the place by sharing there observations to social media. Before a sea of garbage and its disgusting smell will stop people to walk by the bay to see the sun rise and the sunset.

Hundreds of volunteers from different institutions are gathered together in solidarity to save Manila Bay from its severe state.

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