Woman teach catcaller a lesson, sends him to Quezon City Jail

These will serve a lesson to those who are fun of doing catcalling. This ordinance really works, mind you girls to exercise your rights. A Facebook user named April Grace shares her story how she successfully brought a catcaller to Quezon City jail. 

         Photo from: Aril Grace Facebook

It was a wonderful day when April and her dog was in the middle of their playing session when a stranger joined and kept pestering her, saying like "helo","hello beh","anu pangalan ng aso mo?", "beh sana aso mo na lang ako","beh akin na lang ang cellphone number mo","ate ano cellphone number mo?"

Thinking that the whole thing was a catcalling, April confronted the guy while he kept on denying the allegations, saying that he was talking to somebody in his phone, while he kept on laughing at her, April described.

"Worst harap-harapan kang tinatawanan na as if siraulo ka or feelingera ka para mabastos." 

The guy even claimed that he don't know about the anti-catcalling ordinance in Quezon City. This would be the best example for the implementation of the said ordinance.

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