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Alex Bruce: Pinay Rapper Just Drops New Single "Pull It Off"

Alex Bruce, the 12-year-old Batangas-based rapper pinay is racking up again after the success of her YouTube live performance of "Mind As A Weapon" with a million views.

With the strength of her talent and personality, Sony Music Philippines released her first official single "Pull It Off".

Fans will love to hear again her empowering hip-hop kind of choice. Sure, it lives up to the charismatic appeal of "Dopest," the trap-influenced demo released four months ahead of her debut.

You will hear a convincing introduction of a future star confidently rapping about not needing other people's approval, delivering her verses with both fire and excitement.

Given music history's lack of coverage on the contributions of Filipina artists in hip-hop, it's quite interesting how someone so young like Alex Bruce was able to champion an unrelenting brand of self-expression that puts authenticity at the forefront of her lyrics, reminding us of a younger Ruby Ibarra or Cardi B minus the vulgarities.

With Jim Poblete at the helm of the production, turning Alex Bruce's sharpened skills into a star-making showcase that's beyond theatrical, expect nothing less of "Pull It Off." It's a song that will surely end your summer on a high note.

"Pull If Off" is now available on streaming and download platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes store, and Deezer via Sony Music Philippines. 

You may listen to or download the song in this link:

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