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Netizens hilariously react to Erwan Heussaff trending tweet "Chupa is life"

Erwan Heussaff, the husband of actress Anne Curtis rocks the online world due to his latest trending tweet "Chupa is life".

Netizens were shocked over the tweet, sorry, the tweet is not for the green minded people. Recently, Erwan visited Zamboanga, and he recalled all his experienced in his YouTube channel's "Greater Philippines. Erwan explores the amazing culture and food of Zamboanga, where he learned how to eat some of the exotic food and seashells through sucking.  This is where the word chupa came from.

Chupa is a Spanish word meaning 'suck', which came from his food vlog in titled 'Chupa Culo'. In his vlog, it can be seen Erwan patiently eating a mangrove snails in Filipino "Suso" that locals usually cooked.

'Culo' is also a Spanish word which means 'butt' or in Filipino 'Puwet'. Erwan explained that he used the word from Chavacano dialect where Zamboanga was known from Spanish influence.

To make the discussion short, Erwan clarified his tweets and said that people should watch the video to see what is all about. "Ok this is getting out of hand. Watch the video guys! It's all about food lol."
Here are some of the people reactions over the viral tweet.

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