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Tap Card System May Soon Be Used to Pay Your Jeepney Fare in Bacolod

Bacolod city commuters will soon be using the tap card system, used to pay your jeepney fare. As part of the Department of Transportation (DOTr)'s Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJ) modernization program, this modernized jeepney that arrived from Manila were ready for your most comfortable ride. 

           Photo credit/ Chloe Haro FB

These modernized air conditioned jeepney are fitted with free wifi and dash cam inside. However, Facebook user Chloe Haro explained that the minimum fare if you ride to these modernized jeepney is Php 2.00  higher from the regular fare. Meaning, you will pay Php 10.5 from the minimum fare of Php 8.50, and directly fare will be deducted from your tap card that cost 50Php.

For every purchase of 50Php tap card, only 40Php is the load balance that you will going to consume. Reload those tap card for you to be able to use after your card balance wasn't enough for your fare transaction. 

           Photo credit/ Chloe Haro FB

The jeepney's unit cost is Php 1.56 million with seating capacity of 22 passengers. The jeepney are new models that already comply with the DOTr's PUJ modernization mandate.

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