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Poll launches for Kisses Delavin's future loveteam after DonKiss breakup

After Kisses Delavin recent statement declaring that their love team "has long been over," it seems she is now looking for new loveteam partner.

      Kisses Delavin Instagram

Regal Entertainment, Inc., a Philippine film making and entertainment firm founded by Lily Monteverde, recentlylaunched a Twitter poll to determine public's choice.

The list includes Jameson Blake, Grae Fernandez, Tanner Mata, and Teejay Marquez.

As of the posting time, Jameson has got 56%, Tanner has 19%, Teejay has 13% while Grae has 11% with a total of 7,110 netizens who have participated in the poll.

However, kapamilya actor Donny Pangilinan posted on his Instagram, "I’ll be honest, it was a surprise. To my understanding, the partnership was still under review because of different expectations, with no final decision yet,” Donny wrote.

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