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This washing machine alcohol mixing idea is better for the whole night of fun

Worried how to satisfy hundreds of your guests with there dry alcoholic esophagus? Now, these viral video will show you how a man prepares a cocktail for atleast 200 guests on his party.

Dean Albert Raynaldo from Tagbilaran city recently prepares a double celebration, first for his 25th birthday and at the same time a baby shower for his wife. 

In order to satisfy his guests for a whole night of fun, he find this easier way to do the mixing of cocktails in the most maximum and satisfying way. Reynaldo bought a new washing machine just for the occasion, he told the Coconuts Manila.

“In our parties before, we would usually just mix the alcohol and fruit juice in a huge plastic container, then we attach the container to an electronic water dispenser,” He said.

“One day, my brother and friends suddenly came up with the idea of using a washing machine to mix drinks. I tried to look for one online because we needed something new. It wasn’t that expensive, so I [bought it and] pushed through with the plan,” He added. 

However the idea sparks mixed reactions with some haters online, and some finds a pretty cool idea. 

As of the posting the now viral video earned more than 50K shares, 3.6K comments and 13K reactions.

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