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Ship carrying Canada's waste arrives home, ending long dispute with Philippines

More than 60 containers of Canadian garbage has arrived home on Saturday, June 29 from the Philippines, ending a chapter on a dispute that started 2013 which sparked diplomatic row on both country.

The shipment loaded with tonnes of rubbish docked and unloaded in a port on the outskirts of Vancouver, according to report.

The waste would be sent to a Waste-to-Energy facility where it will be incinerated.

Some of the waste was disposed of in the Philippines, but much of it stewed in local ports for years.

The tonnes of waste became part of a diplomatic dispute between the Philippines and Canada after President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to declare war unless it reclaimed the garbage.

Canada missed a May 15 deadline to repatriate the waste materials, but then made to reschedule to move it back to Canadian soil.

The waste that was shipped to the Philippines and mislabeled as recyclable plastics contain household waste, kitchen trash and diapers. 

The effort of the Philippines to sent back Canada's waste had also inspired Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia and Indonesia to return back foreign waste back home.

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