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Ezra Levant Slam Maria Ressa At Media Freedom Conference in UK - Video

On the first day of the Defend Media Freedom Conference in London, Canadian journalist Ezra Levant challenged panelists Nishant Lalwani (Director of Investments, Independent Media for a company that is part of The Omidyar Group) and Maria Ressa. He questioned how unbiased the conference can be, given that the man behind it is billionaire media tycoon Pierre Omidyar, and they are on his payroll.

Ezra Levant: How he can bash Rupert Murdoch for being a power-hungry media tycoon, when Lalwani's own boss, Pierre Omidyar, is really just the Murdoch of the left. I pointed out everyone on the panel was paid by Omidyar. I asked how he could run a govt conference.

2. @mariaressa jumped in to defend her boss, saying she "only" took $4.5 million from Omidyar! That made me laugh.

3. @nishantlalwani said the reason Omidyar was allowed to run this "non-partisan" Canada-UK government conference was because he's been investing in media for ten years.

So... no different from Rupert Murdoch, other than Murdoch's been at it longer.

4. The biggest whopper from Lalwani was that Omidyar has no political influence over his publications. Really? Every one of them repeats his ideological message: anti-Trump, anti-Bolsonaro, anti-conservative, anti-populist, pro-globalist. They are his personal political party.

5. No-one here cares. They all want some of that sweet, sweet cash. When @mariaressa said a $4.5 million grant from Omidyar no big deal, you could see everyone here salivate like Pavlov's Dog. That's what this conference is about: Omidyar wants to rent hundreds of "journalists".

Source: Threadreader, therebelmedia

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