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This massive slide built at Changi Airport in Singapore will take you to your next boarding gate

Now travelling to Singapore is even more fun ever. In case you decided to stop over in Singapore's Changi Airport, this ultra high-tech terminal 4 has its additional attraction that will surely take you to your gate with a lot of fun.  

This terminal 4 has been opened two years ago, adding another dimension is even more innovative comprising of shopping malls, entertainment spots and even this massive slide that gets you to your gate. 

Just like this viral video with more than 53 million views as of the posting, 28-year-old Yusuf El Askary decided to used the slide instead of passing into normal gate -  just like to any other airport in the world. First he scan his pass, then he takes a seat at the slide which took him down to the floor below. 

 The ride is very fast - better to those who wanted not to walk at a distance before reaching the gate.

“I had never seen anything like it at an airport, I couldn't believe it was true until I actually tried it,” said El Askary.

"Everyone was just amazed at how creative Changi Airport is! I wouldn't call it effective, but it was for sure fun," He added.

The Terminal 3 has an even bigger slide ever built, with 12 meters (about 39 ft) high and spans four stories that run from Level 1 to Basement 3. 

In order to get an access to these slides, you have to spend $10 at any restaurant or shops near you inside the airport.

Changi Airport has also introduced the newest attraction that bring people into awe, the state-of-the-art world's tallest indoor waterfall.  

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