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Gerald Anderson admits courting Julia Barretto - Ricky Lo

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto's rumored love affair seemed to be like Japan's famous sakura tree, that you might easily liken when you look at it deeply on its stunning pink cherry flowers.

According to the Philippine Star Ricky Lo, in his entertainment column on July 31, He claimed that the two fell for each other while filming the movie 'Between Maybes' in Japan.

“It’s summer love,” Lo wrote quoting his source, “and it began to bloom amidst the ephemeral sakura (Cherry Blossoms). Obviously, after the shoot, the two stars didn’t bid each other sayonara even as the sakura gently vanished as if into thin air.”

It was the time when rumors has been circulated online that Julia and Joshua Garcia's relationship was little bit joggling. The whole thing has all gone more chaotic after Bea Alonzo posted a cryptic message "You can't make the same mistake, the second time you make it, it's not a mistake anymore, it's a choice. ENOUGH," on her Instagram, causing curiosity in the online world. 

Barreto and ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia remained good friends and committed to finish their ongoing project 'Block Z'.

Lo added that Dennis Padilla, Barretto's father asked Anderson if he is courting his daughter, in which the actor said 'Yes,' Lo's source as quoted in the report.

The report, however, did not explain if Anderson had broke up with Alonzo.

Still Anderson and Barretto have yet to confirm the issue.

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